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Alexander Boyko
Partner at InVenture

Since the establishment of the company, we have been professionally engaged in attracting and placing capital in the commercial real estate sector, as well as in the sale of real estate in our country.

Given all our experience, the decision to work in this direction was not easy to make. We understood that all the difficulties associated with the general financial and economic state of the country, the tendency of Ukrainian business to earn quick money and withdraw capital abroad, do not contribute to investment in commercial real estate. On the other hand, it is real estate, which is a pity to leave, but you can’t take it out of the country with you, plays a certain role in the development of the Ukrainian economy.

As in other operating businesses, people who want to invest in commercial real estate must have a certain set of qualities: courage, creativity, intuition, the ability to use financial instruments correctly and manage real estate. And InVenture, based on its experience, is ready to provide full support in this.

Investing in commercial real estate, although not a highly profitable business, can definitely be considered one of the least risky forms of investment. If you correctly approach pricing, the timing of the project, have competent and experienced consultants, the right marketing policy, then this business can definitely be considered successful in our country. And we have quite a few demonstrative success stories.

Until 2008, the capitalization of real estate grew dynamically, but the moment came that forced everyone to re-evaluate these assets. Real estate almost always acted as collateral, and the financial crisis forced everyone to jump into the ice hole and fight for survival.

During this difficult period, we were managing a real estate fund with a capitalization of more than $100 million, helping to preserve assets, get rid of unnecessary burden in order to deal with credit pressure. It is clear that it could not do without losses, but the real sector suffered no less losses. Those who recently rejoiced at a successful IPO could, after 2008, seriously fear for the viability of their business. For many it was a new life experience. The panic gradually passed and those who understood that the situation is the same for everyone and soberly assessed reality began to move forward.

InVenture continued to work with retail chain operators. We have deals with Silpo, ATB, Epicenter and other well-known retailers behind us. We also gained experience in development, reconstructed old industrial facilities for office and retail space. And now, based on many years of experience, InVenture offers its knowledge and support in support of commercial real estate transactions.

For an investor:

  • individual search and selection of real estate objects in accordance with the investment strategy of the investor and the chosen direction (retail, office, logistics real estate; new construction or reconstruction);
  • due diligence of real estate objects and valuation of real estate;
  • full support and structuring of real estate purchase and sale transactions;
  • support in various issues of development of objects after the acquisition (optimization and expansion, selection of management personnel, advising on the implementation of technologies, attracting key tenants, etc.)

For those wishing to sell real estate or attract investments in the development of their project:

  • pre-sale preparation (assessment of the value of assets, business planning, preparation of investment documents);
  • sale of all types of real estate;
  • search and attraction of investments to expand activities (lending, partnership financing, grants, financing by private equity funds, IPO, etc.).
  • full support and structuring of an investment transaction with real estate.

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