Support of investments in the agricultural sector of Ukraine

InVenture is an experienced partner with a proven track record in the Ukrainian agriculture sector.

We offer a range of services in agriculture including screening of agricultural assets, M&A advisory services, Due Diligence, HR in agriculture, agriculture asset management, AgTech consultancy.

Our professional and technological approach is focused on obtaining benefits and capital growth for our clients.

With a focus on the opportunities in agriculture sector of Ukraine, InVenture offers a combination of services to maximize the investment returns from agriculture activity.

1. Developing of the investment strategy in the Ukrainian agriculture sector (analysis of various options, pro-cons, rationales, arguments & demonstration; definition of the global business model, etc.).

2. Deep in structure (development of financial model, organization, operations, development time line, profile of the targets for acquisition, etc.).

3. Individual search, іdentification and selection of potential agriculture targets matching to the defined requirements (investment criteria).

4. Due Diligence of agricultural companies and assets (audit of financial activity (accounting / management accounting); operational audit; audit of land bank; legal audit; valuation of assets).

5. Structuring the M&A deal, transaction support, negotiation.

6. Services after acquisition (set up the organization):

  • At farm & cluster level: adjusting & building teams, middle management, management, financials & budget, organization of the operations, technologies, machinery, Opex, Capex, control, security, reporting lines , training & technical
  • At head quarter level: Find the right people for key functions (define rules & procedures for the key support functions: Human resources, finances, taxes (VAT), Legal (Land leases management, HR), technologies, marketing, input supply, logistic, storage, quality management, security, control, personal training program.
  • Alignment of the management & the reporting procedures to the Company policy & the requirements of the Holding.
  • Land bank development: Identification of additional targets to complete, or/and increase the land bank. Monitoring the farm land market activity, market intelligence.

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