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Roman Kantarovsky
Partner at InVenture

The main engine of the economy in all developed countries of the world is small and medium-sized businesses. It’s like the circulatory system for the body. It is small enterprises that are based on the entrepreneurial talent of the owner, from a small bakery in a provincial town or a farm to a high-tech factory for the production of unique goods in a million-plus city, that are an indicator of the well-being of the country’s population and its attractiveness to investors.

At the same time, many entrepreneurs in Ukraine, realizing the opportunities to accelerate business growth by attracting additional capital, do not have competencies in the field of attracting investments and building relationships with investors. Others, faced with difficulties in business development or the need to travel abroad, are forced to either close a promising business, or, to the detriment of the business, look for a buyer for a long time, breaking away from operating activities, as they cannot afford the services of expensive investment bankers.

Understanding this pain, over the past 10 years we have developed effective services for attracting private capital and selling companies for investment seekers and sellers of small and medium-sized businesses.

For owners of small and medium-sized businesses, we can be useful within the framework of:

  • Attracting investments to expand and scale the business
  • Business valuations
  • Pre-sale business preperation
  • Finding a buyer and supporting a business sale and purchase transaction
  • Audit and search for business development and expansion areas (strategic consulting)
  • Anti-crisis management and optimization of business processes

For investors in the framework of work with SMEs, we offer:

  • The possibility of diversifying the investment portfolio by entering promising projects
  • Search for new or related niches for development and expansion of the current line of business
  • Full support for the investor in selecting the best projects, conducting due-diligence, structuring and supporting transactions.

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