Renewable energy

Alexey Oleynikov
Managing partner at InVenture

Record-breaking cheap solar and wind power is increasingly pushing fossil fuels out of global energy markets faster than the world’s governments predicted. In Ukraine, the development of renewable energy sources (RES) also follows the global trend, and the state regulation of the RES market is adapting to world norms so as not to leave the country an outsider of the global green transition.

The environmental component is no less important. Ukraine must contribute to the fight against climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ukraine today has sufficient potential for the renewable energy market to become a platform for the development of new business models and attracting foreign investment in the coming years.

InVenture can offer investors both investment projects and existing businesses in the field of alternative energy. For applicants of investments, we will be happy to help with attracting investments in projects related to solar, wind, hydro energy and other sources of renewable energy.

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