Industrial production

Alexey Oleynikov
Managing partner at InVenture

A strong industry is the most important component of the country’s economic growth. During the years of independence, the industry of Ukraine has gone through a difficult path of development, from the devastating economic crisis of the 90s and the global crisis of 2008, stagnation due to the events of 2013, up to a drop in production growth rates in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and wartime in 2022. In many sectors of industrial production, we are seeing a technological backlog and a growing level of depreciation of fixed assets, which leads to the shutdown of many factories.

That is why the mission of our company is to provide investment support for the launch of new high-tech industries, the re-equipment and modernization of existing industrial enterprises, up to the reincarnation of industrial sites by changing the profile of the stopped factories.

We managed to develop many concepts and business plans in various industries for investors, attract local and strategic foreign investors in industrial production, and implement transactions for the sale of many industrial real estate in Ukraine.

For investors wishing to invest in industrial production, we can offer:

  • Search for investment-attractive enterprises in various sectors of production for investment placement.
  • Selection of industrial sites and industrial real estate with the necessary communications for the organization of new industries.

For applicants for investments in the manufacturing sector, we will be useful in the following ways:

  • Attraction of investments in order to expand the activities of the enterprise (modernization, working capital, attraction of strategic partners, etc.).
  • Sale of industrial enterprises and industrial real estate.

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