InVenture Europe: support of investments in Europe

June 21, 2022

We are launching a new office, InVenture Europe, which will provide a range of investment and consulting services to support transactions for the purchase and sale of businesses, commercial real estate and other assets in Europe.

For more than 10 years, InVenture has been effectively working in the investment market of Ukraine, providing services for raising funds for investment projects, selling companies from various sectors of the economy, searching and selecting assets for investment.

Due to war in Ukraine, many Ukrainian enterprises have suspended their activities, for others, the risks of doing business in the country have increased or the conditions for further development have worsened.

  • For the Ukrainian investor there is an opportunity to diversify investments through the acquisition of business, commercial real estate or the creation of joint ventures in Europe and, in particular, in Poland.
  • For European businessmen, our experience and technologies will be useful in the process of sale of the companies and commercial real estate, both among Ukrainian and international investors.

InVenture Europe – investment bridge Ukraine-Europe

Alexey Oleynikov, Managing Partner of InVenture: “The war in Ukraine have spurred Ukrainian businessmen to reconsider their further development strategies and think about moving their business and capital outside of Ukraine. At the same time, the most obvious course for them is Europe. In the current realities, Ukrainian capital can work more efficiently and safely in Europe. And after the end of the war and the victory over Russia, European investments will already rush to Ukraine. In the near future, the Ukrainian domestic market, natural resources, human capital, investment-attractive projects and assets will become attractive for European investors.”

Today, we see Poland as the most promising location for investment. It is a thriving center of modern Europe. Poland compares favorably with many European countries in terms of financial and political stability, which makes it attractive for investment. In 2021, Poland ranked 9th among 39 European countries in terms of GDP, and the forecast for GDP growth in 2022 was 6th with an indicator of 3.7%. Entering the European market through Poland opens access to literally all countries of the European Union. And the territorial factor and mental closeness in doing business allows you to quickly adapt and establish a successful business partnership, JVs.

For Ukrainian businessmen, we will be happy to help with entering the European market:

  • Search and selection of investment-attractive assets according to the criteria of the investor
  • Collection of financial, economic, technical, legal and other data on potential assets and projects
  • Conducting an assessment of investment attractiveness and express valuation of assets, as well as the potential synergistic effect of the transaction
  • Organization of trips to inspect assets
  • Conducting joint meetings and negotiations to discuss the terms of the transaction, mediation in the negotiation process
  • Involvement of contractors for the Due Diligence procedure (legal, financial, tax, technical, operational audits), as well as coordination of the process
  • Consulting support of the investor at all stages of the transaction

For businessmen from Poland, we will be happy to help in organizing the sale of business, commercial real estate, as well as the creation of joint ventures with Ukrainian and foreign investors.

Our team in Europe:

Alexey Oleinikov, Managing Partner
Contacts: + 380 67 713 65 71 /

Andrii Balev, partner in Europe (Poland)
Contacts: +48 451573614 / +380 50 300 23 55 /

Marina Zhukovina, partner in Europe (Poland)
Contacts: +380 96 109 88 88

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