InVenture comments for Banker magazine — “Alternatives for investments in Ukraine”

October 24, 2021

1. What does your company invest in and what investments do you consider promising in Ukraine?

InVenture typically enters new projects as a minority investor with other investors who provide most of the funding for existing companies that require additional resources for development.

For ourselves, we see prospects in fast-growing companies in certain industry niches that require scaling, replenishment of working capital, investment in CAPEX, and entry into new markets. Some of our investments are both in technology companies and in enterprises from traditional industries related to the processing industry, the agricultural sector, and real estate.

For example, today, in the active phase of attracting additional capital, there are the following projects in which we ourselves believe: a leading e-commerce site in the field of tire trading, a hazardous waste disposal company, a company in the field of collecting, growing and exporting medicinal herbs and other projects.

As for trends in M&A transactions in Ukraine, in 2021 we see the greatest activity in such sectors as: the agricultural sector (mainly crop companies and elevators), the technology sector (mainly IT), mining and the food industry. Commercial real estate investment is also slowly recovering as it adapts to the effects of the pandemic.

2. What do you personally invest in, what advice can you give to Ukrainians regarding wise investment?

Own investments, first of all, are aimed at joint investment through crowdinvesting. This is a new direction that InVenture is developing and allows private investors with a check of $10,000 to invest in existing, sustainable businesses, including those with well-known brands. At the same time, the investor can count on an increase in the capitalization of his share in the business and the payment of dividends or passive income by providing a private loan.

Key tips for private and novice investors:

– Do not chase high interest rates that are significantly higher than market rates. If lending rates today exceed 30% per annum, there is a possibility that the borrower will not be able to fulfill his obligations at a certain time.

– Consider crowdinvesting as a form of your passive income. Thus, you can diversify risks by investing small amounts in different business projects.

– Consider making your first investment together with experienced investors, for this it is advisable to join business communities or investment clubs.

– When choosing projects, do not give in to emotions, always carefully and thoroughly study the financial, legal, commercial and marketing part of projects, up to the reputation of the founders and the professionalism of management. If your competencies are not enough, hire smart lawyers, brokers, auditors.

– More often interested in the topic of investment. On the InVenture portal – you will always find practical cases from investors and real investment proposals.

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