Organization and outsourcing support for management accounting

A complex of products aimed at the formation, development and preparation of small and medium-sized businesses to attract financing or sell the company. In partnership with Metropole Rise Consulting Ukraine.

In the field of management consulting, Inventure Investment Group offers the following range of services:

Organization of management accounting

Primary data collection, reorganization, formation and consolidation of financial and economic activities for further management.

Management 2.0. Outsourcing CFO

Maintenance of the enterprise on an ongoing basis as part of the support of financial and reporting discipline, planning and budgeting, and much more.

Why does your company need a CFO?

  • Eliminate financial leaks – The CFO creates a system where inefficiencies are immediately visible as abnormalities and are immediately addressed.
  • Find strategies for multiple growth – An experienced CFO focuses the company on DPA (income-generating activities) and multiplies profits several times
  • More opportunities to focus on new products, new customers, markets and other key aspects of your business
  • Better understanding of the financial side of your business. You will have fewer surprises and more control over your capital.
  • Better opportunities to make the right decisions, thanks to a clear understanding of the true financial and economic performance of your business.
  • The advice and support of an experienced financial manager who can be contacted with any intractable issue.

Analysis and analysis of the current state, definition of key goals and objectives, risk assessment;

Organization of accounting, including assistance in planning and budgeting;

Remote financial and economic support of the company by an experienced financial director.

Client criteria:

  • Operating business
  • From 3 employees
  • Turnover from UAH 100 thousand per month (or annual equivalent)

Working Difficulty Points:

  • The structure of work (tasks) is not effectively distributed
  • Cash flow is calculated and controlled by an accountant
  • Not enough time to develop the company
  • There is a need for funding
  • Periodically cash gaps

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